About Film the House

Film the House was set up by the late Mike Weatherley, former MP, to:

“educate Parliamentarians about the importance of the creative industries to the British economy and how, without protecting Intellectual Property, we are putting important industries and revenue streams in jeopardy.”

In his words…

“There is often a feeling that these ‘rich’ industries can look after themselves, and anyway, isn’t it too difficult to stop people downloading for free if they want to? Neither are true and we all need to be part of the solution.”

Film the House was launched as a fun way to educate Parliamentarians and young people about the importance of the creative industries to the UK economy and the many ways in which we can nurture and protect our creative industries. Together with partner competition, Rock the House, it is now one of Parliament’s largest competitions and is just one of a number of initiatives that is aimed at significantly raising awareness of the need to protect creativity and copyright by bringing together young filmmakers and Parliamentarians.

Film the House is intended to invite and to showcase the ‘best’ film makers and script writers across the UK – with particular emphasis on young participants and people who have not, yet, been noticed and realised their potential. It is also a way for participants to meet their local MP and to learn a little more about how parliament in Westminster works.